Artifact Tracker tracks the "incidents" associated with an artifact or item. An incident entry is created each time an artifact is received to be worked on, evaluated, moved, loaned, moved to storage, when an environmental reading is taken, a pest count is taken - when ever anything happens to or around the artifact. Here are the basic steps take for an artifact:
  1. The artifact received/incoming condition is documented with text and images.
  2. Any services performed on the artifact are documented as well as the technician time and notes required for the service.
  3. Any inventory items (materials and or time) used in the performance of the service is noted and tracked.
  4. The artifacts outgoing condition is documented with text and images. Note - if the item is in the permanent collection it will have no exiting entry.

The history of service(s) and condition of the artifact is kept and available through various reports. Complete inventory use and forcasting is available.

 Artifact Tracker
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